ANAVI Thermometer

An ESP8266-powered, open source, Wi-Fi dev board with temperature and humidity sensors

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Apr 25, 2019

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Assembly Guide & News

Quick Assembly Guide

All ANAVI Thermometer kits include a mini OLED display and an acrylic stand. The stand has been designed with OpenSCAD and the source is available in GitHub. Follow the steps below to assemble the kit in a few minutes:

Step 1

Peel off the protective film from the acrylic stand. Also remove the protective film from the display.

Step 2

Using a screwdriver, gently attach the mini OLED display to the acrylic stand with the M2 screws and nuts as shown on the photo. The mini OLED display is fragile so please be careful.

Step 3

Add four M2.5 screws and nuts to the case of the acrylic stand. In the next step we will put ANAVI Thermometer on top of the nuts.

Step 4

Add ANAVI Thermometer on top of the nuts and fasten it with the additional M2.5 nuts. At the end you will have a spare M2.5 screw and nut to optionally attach an additional sensor to the acrylic enclosure.

Step 5

Gently connect the mini OLED display to the dedicated slot. After that you are ready to turn on ANAVI Thermometer!


Alternative Public MQTT broker

MQTT is a machine-to-machine communication protocol for (near) real-time data exchange. By default, in demo mode ANAVI Thermometer connects to the MQTT broker provided by Eclipse IoT foundation. It is a free public service but sometime it has downtime. Alternatively, you can also use the free public MQTT broker by HiveMQ:

Host: TCP Port: 1883 Websocket port: 8000 Websocket path: /mqtt

For more details please visit:

Source Code Improvements

In the mean time, Per Cederqvist has done amazing improvements to the default firmware for ANAVI Thermometer. His changes were merged in the GitHub repo yesterday. The new features depend on version 2.7.0 of the PubSubClient library so please update it in your Arduino IDE. For details how to upload firmware to ANAVI Thermometer please have a look at the previous post.


We have already shipped all orders placed during the crowdfunding campaign. Due to the enormous demand now we are manufacturing a second batch and all pending pre-orders and new orders will be shipped directly by Crowd Supply in May.

Thank You

Thank you very much for the positive feedback, suggestions for improvements and GitHub pull requests! It is great to have a such a vibrant open source community around this project in almost no time.

Best regards,

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