ANAVI Thermometer

An ESP8266-powered, open source, Wi-Fi dev board with temperature and humidity sensors

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Jan 09, 2019

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(Not) Yet Another Thermometer

ANAVI Thermometer is here! It is a user-friendly and an entirely open source solution at an affordable price.

ANAVI Thermometer

There are literary hundreds of project and development board for logging temperature on the market. However most of them require advanced technical knowledge and soldering skills. Unlike the rest ANAVI Thermometer is a simple to use open source product that saves you the hassle with cables and breadboards so you can focus on the software integration for your home automation.

ANAVI Thermometer in fishtank

ANAVI Thermometer combines open source hardware with free and open source software. The source code and the schematics are available at GitHub. Only free and open source software tools like KiCAD and OpenSCAD have been used to design the printed-circuit board and the acrylic case.

ANAVI Thermometer has a built-in temperature and humidity sensor as well as ESP8266 microcontroller with Wi-Fi. It supports a huge variety of additional temperature sensors. You can attached up to 3 I2C sensor modules, a mini OLED display and a waterproof DS18B20 1-wire temperature sensor.

We are ready for manufacturing and now we need your support. We hope you’ll jump in and help us bring this entirely open source project to life!


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