ANAVI Thermometer

by ANAVI Technology

An ESP8266-powered, open source, Wi-Fi dev board with temperature and humidity sensors

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We Shipped 20% of All Orders

We are happy to announce that we have started shipping slightly ahead of schedule. All orders for pledge ANAVI Thermometer have been shipped as well as a few of the other orders for the kits.

We are shipping your orders via the registered airmail service of Bulgarian Posts. Each board is packaged in an cardboard box and an envelope with air bubbles for extra safety during transportation. In total, we have already shipped a bit more than 20% of all orders. The tracking numbers have been emailed.

We are expecting the next batch of units to be ready in approximately 10-days and then we will proceed with shipping. If you have ordered any of the pledges for kits please stay patient a little bit more. The estimate shipping dates remain as announced previously:

  • Apr 19, 2019 for Starter kits
  • Apr 25, 2019 for Advanced, Developer and Family kits

The user’s manual for ANAVI Thermometer is available at GitHub. Thanks to Karl Schuh there is also a version translated to German.

The default open source Arduino sketch for ANAVI Thermometer is still not stable and requires some improvements. The user’s manual also has some blank spaces which I will complete in the near future. I created ANAVI Thermometer as a simple, hobby, open source hardware project and it is amazing that there are so many orders. However, it is also a huge challenge to ship all of them on time. As an open source enthusiast I also often back crowdfunding campaigns of other Internet of Things and dev boards. From personal experience, I know how annoying are delays: I am still waiting a dev board from kickstarter that was supposed to be shipped in November 2018. Therefore my priority number one is manufacturing, testing and shipping on time!

Thank you very much for the support. As part of the stretch goals everyone is getting some cool stickers, including a couple stickers of the awesome open source software KiCad which I used to design ANAVI Thermometer. After shipping all orders I will have more spare time for fun work: writing articles and making how-to videos for ANAVI Thermometer. Please stay tuned for updates.


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Product Choices


ANAVI Thermometer

Open source hardware WiFi board for measuring temperature and humidity. Includes one ANAVI Thermometer (1).


Starter Kit

The perfect kit for getting started. Includes one ANAVI Thermometer (1), acrylic enclosure (1), 0.96" OLED Display (1) and USB-to-serial debug cable (1).


Advanced Kit

The kit for awesome home automation and fish tanks. Includes one ANAVI Thermometer (1), acrylic enclosure (1), 0.96" OLED Display (1), USB-to-serial debug cable (1), light (1) and waterproof temperature (1) sensor modules.


Developer Kit

Everything a developer needs! Includes one ANAVI Thermometer (1), acrylic enclosure (1), 0.96" OLED Display (1), USB-to-serial debug cable (1) and all sensor modules: light (1), gestures & color recognition (1), waterproof temperature (1), barometric pressure and temperature (1).


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