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Jul 12, 2018

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Manufacturing Update

Today I visited the factory in Plovdiv, Bulgaria to see the progress with the manufacturing of ANAVI Light Controller. So far everything is going on as planned and there are no delays.

As you can see on the photo, the panels with gold-plated printed circuit boards are ready. Each panel contains six boards. We made numerous panels to fulfill all orders. At the moment the panels are going through electrical testing. The next step is milling. After that SMD assembly, followed by manual soldering of through hole components. Finally we will flash our open source firmware, test, package and ship the boards to you.

The manufacturing process is difficult and time consuming. Although nowadays most of the companies prefer manufacturing in China, I want to support the local economy therefore all boards were made and will be assembled in Europe. The acrylic cases included in all kits will be also made in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Thank you for supporting the crowdfunding campaign of ANAVI Light Controller!

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