Make your Raspberry Pi bright and shiny with an RGB LED strip and ANAVI Light pHAT!

Feb 23, 2018

Project update 8 of 13

Quick update of the current status

I may need to be out of country for an urgent business trip, therefore I am trying to ship as many orders as possible ahead of schedule. I have already shipped most of the orders for ANAVI Light pHAT and Starter kits. I have started shipping some of the orders for Advanced and Developer kits. On Friday or Saturday I should ship two of the Family kits.

As you know ANAVI Light pHAT is a hobby project so I am doing it in my spare time and right now it is 3am and it is crunch time here. The staff at the local branch of Bulgarian posts are complaining that I am shipping too many parcels this week.

As soon as your order ships you will receive an email confirmation with tracking number. You can also view this information on your account page.

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