A cleaner sounding microphone for your typical webcam that allows for better speech-recognition and teleconference, is hackable, and based on a chipset that is capable of being Alexa

Nov 10, 2017

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Thanks Early-backers! Video Time.

by Gladys W

Thanks to you early backers, we’ve sold out all of the early-bird specials and more! It has been fun making and launching Acusis, and we are very grateful for your support.

A few months ago we came up with this idea when we were struggling to get clean microphone audio for a project that involved a monitor and a webcam. We thought “Dammit, someone else must also have the same problem!”. And so we put our heads together and made Acusis for ourselves. We literally have Acusis’ everywhere in our office. Here’s how ridiculously fast it is to set up.

We’ve had a lot of questions regarding programming the microphone for specific applications. Remember, Acusis is an XMOS development kit that fits on a webcam, pre-loaded with microphone software developed by XMOS and tuned by us for this product. We’ve used the same chipset as the one used here: XMOS xCORE VocalFusion™ 4-Mic Kit for AVS. You can use all the tools from XMOS to develop your application: XMOS Development Tools.

Once we hit our first stretch goal, we’re going to make an online configurator to allow you to tune the Acusis microphone parameters (such as maximum gain), and gives you a binary that can be uploaded to your Acusis over USB. Help us spread the word to make this a reality!

Gladys Wong and the rest of the Acusis team

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