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Jul 11, 2023

Project update 12 of 15

The Final Stretch!

by Robert J

Hello backers!

Finally, the news you have been waiting for: We’ve successfully assembled and tested the first complete run of Gliss modules, and they’re nearly out the door. They look fantastic.

The firmware is finished, and the flashing of the modules is underway. Once they are all packed up they’ll be shipped to Crowd Supply’s distribution warehouse, where they will be sent on to you.

Download your Gliss quick guide

We have put together an invaluable 2 page overview of Gliss, which summarises all Gliss functionality. Download it, print it out double-sided, fold it in three like a pamphlet, and use it as your cheat sheet.

This is an ultra-condensed version of our complete Gliss user manual. The user manual - which will be released by the time you receive your module - contains a complete explanation of Gliss’s modes, menus, and functions, in complete, clear detail.

Download the quick guide here

Diffusing light through FR-4

Upon receiving the final revision boards we noticed a subtle issue: There was a slight difference in colour palette of the 23 RGB LEDs that shine light through the faceplate (a central feature of Gliss). It turns out that this was due to differing optical properties of the FR-4 PCB material, and in this case this material change meant more absorption of Blue colours than in all our previous production runs!

This set us back a few days, as we had to rethink our colour palette to choose a combination that will work for all versions of FR-4, so Gliss modules from different production batches will look the same. This was a really subtle and surprising issue which we had never before encountered in our production process.

For future production runs we are also ensuring that we are using the same type of FR-4 material between batches. Our contract manufacturer has been extremely helpful in advising on the different options available.

When can I expect my module?

After flashing the modules next week we’ll pack them up and ship them to Crowd Supply. We’ll let you know as soon as this happens with another update. When they arrive, their warehouse will take 2-3 weeks to process the stock, and then the modules will be shipped to our backers all over the world.

Please make sure to double check your shipping address is up-to-date in your Crowd Supply account Order Details. If you have any questions about shipping, you can always contact Crowd Supply support.

We are very nearly there and cannot wait for this module to be in your hands!

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