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Dec 07, 2016

Project update 2 of 3

Pure Data Synth on Democracy

Hi everyone!

This second update focuses on an example of a very simple synthesizer modeled in Pure Data.

The video shows that you can build and execute your patch on your host computer and then, as soon as you are happy with the results, you can download the patch and run real time on Democracy! You can connect a MIDI controller to Democracy and play your synth. You could also tune parameters run time by using some dedicated control pads or devices connected to the board.

In our demo video, a touch keyboard with MIDI out capabilities running on iPad is used to send out MIDI notes to Democracy. The iPad is connected to Democracy through the iRig MIDI device. But any kind of MIDI controller could be used to play the Pure Data synthesizer on Democracy.

You can download the Pure Data patch of the example synth from here.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any comments or questions!

Also, please help us by sharing the campaign page link with anyone willing to support our project!

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