The First Supercapacitor-Powered Portable Speaker

Jul 30, 2014

Project update 10 of 10

Almost Caught Up

New run of PCBs on the way; all remaining pre-orders will ship in August.

Hey everybody -

I have been doing a bad job of keeping everyone updated - I apologize. Lots of things happening at Blueshift, but I should still find time to let you all know what’s going on. Thanks for your patience!

To everyone who hasn’t yet received their order - you will have it soon. Some of you have been waiting for a really long time. I’m sorry about the delays - I know a lot more now about how long it takes to get work done, especially for small orders. Between that and some products that were damaged in shipping, we’ve been stuck waiting on replacement PCBs for a while. Those of you who ordered Capacitizer kits have been stuck the longest. OK, you and my immediate family. Thanks / sorry guys!

The PCBs we’re about to receive are a new revision, so the upside for everyone who is still waiting is that you’ll get a slightly improved product. The biggest upgrade is an added supervisor IC that keeps the speaker from making crazy noises when it runs out of power. I’ll bet I’m not the only person who has woken up to a Helium speaker making spaceship sounds at 4am…I hope no one has lost too much sleep to that.

We’ve been working on a bunch of projects here - we’re starting to think about where Blueshift is going and what we want to accomplish next. We just launched e-commerce at blueshiftPDX.com, we shot a new video last week, and we have three new products on the way:

(can you think of good names for the sub or preamp?)

All of these products should be available at our online shop in the next few months. Blueshift will definitely continue to operate beyond this first campaign - it’s really exciting for me to see this project turning into a business. We couldn’t have gotten this far without all of your support.

Again, sorry it’s been so long since the last update, especially for those of you who are still waiting on products from December. Please let me know if you have any questions I haven’t answered! And if you have any feedback in general, I’d love to hear that too. Thanks everyone!

Sam Beck
Founder, Blueshift

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