Next-Generation Supercapacitor-Powered Portable Speaker

Mar 16, 2015

Project update 3 of 5

Production is Progressing

Hey Blueshift fans -

Sorry about the lapse between updates! It’s easy for me to forget that they’re the only way you guys have to hear what’s going on with your orders. The short version: We’re making progress over here, but things are moving a little more slowly than I had hoped. Everything is still on track, though - you will all definitely receive your orders. Thanks for your patience!

We have all the parts we need to ship the remaining Helium Stereo orders, so those will be going over the next few weeks.

On the Hydrogen - I’m waiting on one additional mechanical prototype from our cabinet supplier before we go to production. In the end, it was too challenging to install the electronics cleanly on the original design (using the speaker hole as an access point). We should have that sample here within a week, and then it will be a couple of weeks more to get the production batch finished.

So, the downside is a slight delay. The upside is that there will be a laser-cut control panel on the Hydrogen, kind of similar to the Helium.

Again, thanks for waiting - I know it can be frustrating. But we’ll be done soon!

Sam Beck
Founder, Blueshift

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