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Mar 23, 2021

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Our Campaign is Live!

by Florian Eich

We are proud to present the board::mini series.

A game changer for your vehicle-hacking projects, but also a product-ready platform for many other applications, the board::mini series was born from our internal need for a compact-yet-capable solution for vehicle-oriented development electronics. At its core is the mini::base, which boasts an on-board power supply with support for 9 to 24 V, a ready-to-use CAN interface with software-switchable final resistance, an atmospheric condition sensor, a microSD card slot, and a USB Type-C connector as its main serial connector.

Why a series?

The board::mini series is a modular ecosystem that includes the mini::base and various application-specific extension boards that you can stick on top of it. There are more to come, but for now, we are offering:

What’s our philosophy?

We love development boards, but we’ve always wanted a high-quality, open-source solution that is both well thought out and compatible with existing software packages. Our philosophy here is: take all the good stuff from existing solutions and put it all in one place.

What’s our favorite thing about it?

As a project person: I love that it cuts time to market. We’ve gone through this process many times: a day or two to find a suitable base board followed by a month to find the necessary shields, capes, clouds or whatever they’re called and to integrate the software components. board:mini lets you skip that month.

As a technical person: I love that it just feels right. It has everything you need and no gimmicks. The board::mini project delivers hardware that is viable for all stages of product development—from proof of concept to prototyping to product integration. It’s a serious tool for serious projects.

Why us, and why now?

We’ve developed plenty of products for customers, but putting our work on the open market is a big step for us. Estimating demand and analyzing economic opportunities are not among our specialties, so we remained hesitant for quite a while. At some point, though, we simply decided to commit. We’ve created what we believe is a really cool product, and we hope that others will find it useful!

You can learn more about board::mini by checking out our campaign page, following our weekly updates, and visiting the bmc::board website.

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