A hackable electronic saxophone with mechanical keys

Sep 13, 2023

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Some Common Questions (and Answers) About the Haxophone

by Javier C

Yes, but what is a Haxophone?

Last week, our campaign finally went live and we were pleasantly surprised by the positive support and feedback received from fellow hacker/musicians and the Crowd Supply community at large. Thank you very much!

There was a lot of curiosity about the device, this quirky blend of a computer keyboard with a wind instrument.

One recurring question was about the level of hacking required just to play a Haxophone. Some people are more musicians than hackers and simply want to make music. The answer to that question is that the Haxophone HAT comes fully assembled, requiring only a few simple steps to start playing. In any case, there’s no need for soldering or programming. We’ve created this short video describing the steps to transform a Haxophone HAT into a playable instrument:

The Raspberry Pi Zero is Widely Available

Another common question has been about the availability of the Raspberry Pi Zero. The good news is that we planned the launch to coincide with the widespread restocking of the Pi Zero W worldwide. Even better, Crowd Supply has added the Pi Zero W as an add-on item to the campaign, so you can order it directly from there.

Yes, the Haxophone Can Be Sold in the EU and UK

We did encounter a small hiccup on launch day. Our campaign page was initially rejecting orders from the EU and the UK due to a misconfiguration. This issue has been resolved, so if you were affected by this, please try again now.

Reach out

And that’s it for today. Please don’t hesitate to reach out via the Ask Questions section on the campaign page. Comments, questions, suggestions or rants are all welcome!

Stay musical!

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