CaribouLite RPi HAT

A fully open source dual-channel SDR Raspberry Pi HAT with a tuning range up to 6 GHz

Nov 24, 2021

Project update 1 of 9

There's a New SDR in Town. Meet CaribouLite!

by David M

Thank you all for your patience!

We’ve been working hard to reach this point, and we’ve finally arrived. After producing three hardware revisions and developing software and firmware almost from scratch, we are thrilled with our results and excited to be launching the CaribouLite crowdfunding campaign. It’s alive!!

Not one but TWO (!!) exciting products:

  1. CaribouLite, with a 30-MHz-to-6-GHz tuning range in addition to a Sub-1-GHz channel; and
  2. CaribouLite-ISM, a version that operates only on the unlicensed ISM band.

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