The Civilian Mountain Bike

Small-batch, purpose-built, steel mountain bikes with clean lines, smart styling, and versatile features.

Project Backers

Thank you for your support!

Khari G
Portland, OR

Brent B
Portland, OR

Garner M
Portland, OR

Welcker T
Montpelier, VT

Linda G
Denver, CO

Grant S
Littleton, CO

Jeremy D
portland, OR

Jason H
Lake Oswego, OR

Robb K
Flagstaff, AZ

Steve M
Jackson, WY

Kirsten R
Portland, OR

Jason Z
Portland, OR

Bryan K
San Diego, CA

Kevin B
Fayetteville, AR

Miguel F
Portland , OR

Matt W
boise, ID

Ryan F
Tualatin, OR

Jessica B
Portland, OR

Andrew C
new york city, NY

Tony D
Portland, OR

Melanie S
Portland, OR

Justin D
Portland, OR

Greg W
Sioux Falls, SD

Wayne S
Boise, ID

Mandi C
Aurora, CO

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