A 3D Printer Enclosure System

Oct 22, 2018

Project update 3 of 5

Behind the Scenes: Part I

Hey all!

With the campaign fully funded we’re starting in house production of some of the larger printed parts, with the ultra high output Ludicroustruder making quick work of it.

I thought for this update I’d give a bit of a look behind the scenes as well as highlighting one of the open source tools I use in house.

Here’s a quick and dirty video of my basement printing setup, which has served as the testing ground for both the Twoolhead and the Microcluster:

For this update I thought I’d highlight FreeCAD, a fully open source parametric CAD tool with a ton of neat capabilities. I’ve been using FreeCAD since I started working at Aleph Objects in 2013, and it’s amazing how far the program has come. There are also tons of community developed add-ons, including one that generated standard fasteners, a eagle/kiCAD import tool and a drawing dimensioning tool for making technical drawings. In case anyone was interested, I made a screen-capture of the process of making a technical drawing of the side panel for the Microcluster, you can find that video here:

Thanks again for following along and supporting the campaign!

Happy printing

-bam :)

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