Conexio Stratus

A tiny, powerful, versatile cellular-IoT prototyping platform with out-of-the-box connectivity

Apr 12, 2022

Project update 8 of 11

Hardware Upgrades, Production Update, and Sample Applications

by Rajeev Piyare

Conexio Stratus Hardware Updates

After listening to your feedback, we have decided to upgrade Stratus’s Micro-B USB port to USB Type-C, making Stratus more flexible and compatible with the latest USB standards. With this, we also aim to increase the programming speed for loading the device firmware.

The second major upgrade has been made to the power supply component, mainly replacing the Texas Instruments TPS63031 Buck-Boost Converter with a TPS63802 as shown below.

Buck boost circuit diagrams

TPS63802 provides a device quiescent current of 11 uA, which is 39 uA lower than the previous TPS63031 design. This helps reduce the overall device idle/sleep current consumption so your battery-powered Stratus lasts even longer.

Production Update

We have already started te manufacturing and assembly of the Conexio Stratus shield with our partner PCBWay. The unavailability of the buck/boost converter IC has delayed the production of the Stratus mainboard. However, we have now managed to acquire enough pieces to start PCB assembly, which should resume in a week or two.

With this, we anticipate starting to ship devices to Mouser’s warehouse by the end of May 2022, rather than the beginning of May as mentioned earlier.

Conexio Stratus Sample Application and Repo Updates

We have now upgraded our Stratus Git repo by adding various sample applications from machine learning using Edge Impulse to remote device monitoring and debugging using Memfault and Golioth. The project readme has been overhauled to show cover photos of each project along with a corresponding link to the @Hacksterio project and the source code. Please do check it out. {conexio-stratus-learning-hub}

For questions and discussion, contact us via our technical support page. We are more than happy to help and guide you.

Thank you!


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