Conexio Stratus

A tiny, powerful, versatile cellular-IoT prototyping platform with out-of-the-box connectivity

Jul 05, 2022

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Stratus Dev Kit Shipping Soon (Check Your Address) and Other News

by Rajeev Piyare

Hello everyone!

This has been an exciting week. We have finally received the first batch of Conexio Stratus dev kit and its accessories. We are now testing the dev kits and the shields, flashing the device bootloader firmware, updating the nRF9160 SiP cellular modem firmware with the latest version, and printing and packaging. In case you missed our previous update, the Conexio Stratus dev kit now comes with the latest Gen 2 nRF9160 SiP and USB Type-C. Out-of-the-box, the Stratus dev kit comes with preinstalled software that samples all the onboard sensors (SHT40x, LIS2DH, battery), blinks the LEDs, and prints the output on the terminal.

After testing is completed, we will ship everything to the warehouse of Crowd Supply’s fulfillment partner, Mouser Electronics, which will then start shipping to our backers. If you’ve backed the Stratus project, now is a good time to check your shipping address to receive the package at the correct destination. You can check your order details in your Crowd Supply Account and if needed contact Crowd Supply Support.

In Other News

Despite our shipping delay, exciting things are happening with the Conexio Stratus kit! With our partner E-peas semiconductors, the Conexio Stratus kit was exhibited last week during the Embedded World 2022 in Nuremberg, Germany. After this, we have received some good feedback and interesting real-world applications for the dev kit. We are now working closely with our partners to design a new hardware version which will be released later in the year.

Thanks so much for backing the Conexio Stratus project. More updates on the package contents, getting started, and documentation will follow right after we ship out the kit.


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