A fully open source ESP32-based PoE+ board with a mikroBUS™ socket and two handy add-on shields

Nov 07, 2022

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How It's Made: Espoir Edition

by Marc-Antoine L

Hello dear enthusiasts and makers!

Connaxio lab tour

As you may know, Connaxio not only designs open source electronics, but we also make them. This week, I wanted to show you our fabrication process.

At around 110 sf, the lab is not too big. None of the equipment breaks the five-digit price mark, and only the pick-and-place breaks four digits. Yet, we can make boards with 125 MHz differential signals and place parts on pads that have a 0.4 mm pitch. Here’s a four minute video to show you how that all works. Enjoy!

Production update

As for production, there aren’t any big surprises to report. Progress is good, a first box of PCBs is filled, and the first mikroShields are assembled and tested. Now it’s just a matter of continuing the good work until all orders are fulfilled. In this case, repetitive is good. Check out our campaign page to pre-order your Espoir today!

If you have any questions about the video, Espoir, or the company, feel free to contact me through the Crowd Supply form, I always enjoy interacting with fellow enthusiasts :)

Cheers, Marc

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