GoCan Drainer

by Costello Design

A One-Handed, Hassle-Free, Can Drainer for Vegetables, Fruit, Tuna and Beans. No need for Bulky Colanders & Strainers.


  • John B

    Hull, MA

  • Bonnie H

    Redondo Beach, CA

  • Rocky C

    Redondo Beach, CA

  • Robert S

    san carlos, CA

  • Tracy S

    Bend, OR

  • Steve B

    Orlando, FL

  • Scott M

    Riverside, CA

  • Stephanie V

    Portland, OR

  • Barbi S

    Vero Beach, FL

  • Luke B

    Portland, OR

  • David N

    Ashland, CA

  • Douglas F

    Mason, OH

  • Patricia G

    Ridgefield, CT

  • Marion C

    Hillsboro, OR

  • Jennifer G

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Sep 13 2013


Costello Design

Jim Costello is an Industrial Designer with more than 25 years of design experience and has designed more than 100 products that have been placed in the market.

Jim Costello

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