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microSD Card Data Logger (Basic)

The Idiotware Shield can be used in projects deployed in locations that do not have network connectivity. Data gathered from the sensors can be saved on the microSD card for future analysis. We are using the onboard LM35 temperature sensor to capture ambient temperature and log the data in a CSV file.

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Idiotware Shield

Buy the Idiotware Shield at retail price. Includes one Idiotware Shield.


Module Set

All four add-on modules: OLED display module, HC-05 Bluetooth module, NRF24L01 mesh networking module, and pre-programmed ESP-01 Wi-Fi module. Idiotware Shield NOT included.


Curiosity Gym

Curiosity Gym is a leading makerspace in Mumbai that helps enthusiasts build prototypes. Curiosity Gym also runs Innovation Hubs in schools and colleges to awaken curiosity and help catalyze making, innovation, design thinking, and entrepreneurship across all age groups.

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