Dreamweaver 4N

A four-note sequencer for making unique music in real time

Jan 06, 2020

Project update 3 of 11

New Revision, Live Show, and Goal Adjustment

New Revision

The new revision of the Dreamweaver 4N board came in and we have it built! This thing is awesome. There are 8 RGB lights and they change color based on the value of the notes being played. Since we have more IO ports now, we started playing with them. We now have it set to where IO1 will play the value set with the knob, but IO2 plays a perfect fifth above it. This allows the Dreamweaver 4N to play chord like sounds! This is so much fun to play with.

I’m really excited to get this into the hands of the campaign’s beta testers to see what they can come up with


Dreamweaver 4N at Pierre Americana Show

We also went to a show where one of the performers was an early beta tester of the Dreamweaver 4N and they worked it into their set! It sounded amazing going through their effect pedals and through the sound system.

Goal Adjusted

We’ve decided to adjust the funding goal from \$2,000 to \$1 USD. We have already ordered all the parts and components, so we don’t technically need the extra funds - we just need you to place your order! This decision was made with Crowd Supply’s approval. If you have any questions or concerns about this change, please contact us directly.

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