A tiny-but-mighty open-source carrier board for the Raspberry Pi CM4

Dec 13, 2021

Project update 13 of 14


by Timon

Most of you should have received your Piunora by now! If you ordered a CM4 with your Piunora, your Piunora will ship first and the CM4 will ship when it’s available. CM4s are currently in short supply, but the team at Crowd Supply, who are sourcing them directly, don’t want to hold up your entire order.

If you had not seen the QR code and link to the documentation on the bottom of the Piunora box, then you may have had trouble finding our website for the documentation. Sorry about that, we discovered that Hugo, the framework we use for our website, by default disables search engine indexing. This is now fixed, and it should soon pop up in search results!

In the meantime you can find the documentation here.

The documentation is still a work in progress, but all the crucial things are there to support you. Keep checking it out now and again when you start using Piunora for a project, there will probably be new guides and articles for all aspects of Piunora.

We are also regularly releasing customized versions of Raspberry Pi OS that have everything setup for you. You can find those here on Github

Do follow our Getting Started guide to get set up.

You can also follow us on Twitter for any updates.

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