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Apr 02, 2021

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Introducing the Piunora M.2 B-Key 2280 Extender

by Timon

First off, thank you for all the support over the past few days. It really means a lot!

M.2 B-Key 2280 Expander

I have received a lot of requests for ways to support long, 2280 M.2 devices. While Piunora is small—and therefore only supports up to 2242 devices in its native form factor—I love seeing people come up with cool hacks, and I want to help out however I can. (One such request was for a PCI-e-to-4x-RS232 adapter. Who knew that was even a thing!?) Anyway, in response to these requests, I have added an adapter board to the campaign.

The Piunora M.2 B-Key 2280 Extender (shown above) allows you to utilize M.2 devices up to 80 mm in length. Please note that this is still a B-Key port! Also, the adapter is quite a bit longer than Piunora itself, so it looks a little awkward when it’s installed. But hey, when did looking silly ever stop a hacker from making something awesome? :)

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