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Jun 05, 2024

Project update 7 of 7

Progress, Certifications, and Milestones

by Daan P

It’s been about a month since you, our backers, have successfully funded Walter’s campaign and we are thrilled to get you up-to-date about the progress we’ve made since.

Certification Update

When creating an IoT product, it is important to have it certified before putting the product on the market. Certifications are expensive and time consuming which makes low volume, multi-radio products not always commercially viable. With Walter, we want to change this so we have been working hard to pre-certify Walter. This allows you to design Walter into your product and get it to market with only minor final certifications.

An important step in this process to have an FCC modular approval. Therefore, we are very happy to have completed this process and can announce that Walter’s FCC ID is 2BDGUWALTER. Walter’s datasheet has been updated to contain all regulatory information required to create a multi-radio IoT product based on Walter.

Production of Walter Is On Track

The production of Walter started immediately after the campaign was finished. The PCBs have arrived in the factory in Belgium and we are now programming the machines to start the pick-and-place process. Check out the below video if you want to see all steps in the process.

Zephyr Support Completed

Walter already came with extensive software support with libraries for Arduino, ESP-IDF, Micropython, and Toit. Our team is convinced that Zephyr RTOS is also very strong ecosystem for IoT. After talking to Benjamin Cabé at the Embedded World trade fair, we contributed the following to mainstream Zephyr:

We cannot wait to see the opportunities this offers. In the coming months, we will announce some cool new integrations and we will keep working on making Walter a truly widely supported SoM.

Deep Dive Into Cellular IoT with Olivier Bloch and Daan Pape

The IoT Show with Olivier Bloch contains a lot of insightful videos about IoT. In a recent episode about Walter, Daan tells you all about power consumption, roaming, the all-important software, and more. Watching this episode will get you ready to dive into cellular IoT development as soon as your Walter modules arrive at your doorstep.

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