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Apr 30, 2024

Project update 5 of 6

Walter's on YouTube and Production Progress

by Daan P

It’s already the final week of Walter’s Crowd Supply campaign. A big thank you to all backers who have already supported us, you help us in our mission to make cellular IoT possible for private individuals and SME companies. If you have not yet backed the campaign, now is your final chance to get your Walter at the discounted campaign price!

The IoT Show with Olivier Bloch

Olivier Bloch, formerly of Microsoft, has 25+ years experience building and democratizing complex technologies from Embedded to Edge to Cloud. He is also the host of "The IoT Show" wherein he interviews various IoT experts. This week, Olivier interviews Daan Pape from the Walter team who tells us all about Walter. The show will air on Wednesday, you can subscribe to Olivier’s channel to be notified of the new episode.

Production on the First 1,000 Walter Modules Has Started

The certification paperwork is almost complete, all components have been bought, and production has begun. This is great news as it shows we are committed to delivering on time and getting Walter into your hands as soon as possible.

Your Support Is Important

By backing our project, you enable us to keep working on the open source software libraries that power Walter. Join us on this journey and back our campaign today to help us achieve our vision to make cellular IoT possible for anyone, from private individuals to low- and medium-volume commercial enterprises.

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