Inkplate 10

A low-power, easy-to-program, open-hardware e-paper display with Wi-Fi support and a 9.7" screen

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Jan 14, 2021

Project update 1 of 11

Our Campaign is Live!

by David Z

We are excited to let you all know that we have now officially begun crowdfunding for Inkplate 10. After a very successful Inkplate 6 campaign, we received a lot of feedback about improvements we could make and additional features we could add. Most of you asked for a bigger screen, more GPIO, and an on-board RTC, all of which Inkplate 10 provides.

Based on what we learned from Inkplate 6—combined with some additional reverse-engineering—we worked out how to drive this big, beautiful, 9.7 inch e-paper display. But that was just the first step! Our goal is to address the the challenges faced by those in the maker community who work with e-paper displays: poor documentation, difficult-to-use hardware, undocumented code, low-speed screen updates, and lack of support for grayscale and partial-refresh modes. With Inkplate 10, we believe we’ve once again achieved that goal.

We’re now pretty certain that we can design any kind of e-paper display board. And anything we do make will be affordable, high quality, and easy to use. But that’s a conversation for another day. :) First, please help us launch Inkplate 10!

Thanks again to everyone for their support,
- David & the team

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