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All Hardware Testing Complete!

by Abdul Malik Khan

We recently completed our hardware tests and are excited to tell to the community that, having tested all of the iotSDR hardware peripherals, we feel that we have crossed a major milestone. The list includes: the Zynq PS and PL, DDR, USB-UART, High speed USB, Gigabit Ethernet, the GPS FE chip, and the ATREB chip, among other hardware.

iotSDR Hardware Testing Complete

This frees us up to focus on more complex functionality as our campaign nears launch. Next up are:

  • Communication through ATREB chips,
  • Live streaming of GPS raw I/Q data, and
  • Booting Linux for some cool interfaces.

Stay tuned!

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Product Choices


iotSDR 7010

One iotSDR dev board with a Zynq XC7Z010 FPGA


iotSDR 7020

One iotSDR dev board with a Zynq XC7Z020 FPGA



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Abdul Malik Khan

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