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Jul 15, 2016

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Fedora 24

by Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton

Fedora 24 is up and running on the EOMA68-A20 Computer Card! We have yet to pick a name for it (suggestions welcome) however it’s still worthwhile letting people know about: a quick video demo is available.

The base image was downloaded from the official Fedora ARM page, and then uncompressed and mounted on loopback with "losetup -P /dev/loop0". This allowed the files contained within the pre-prepared filesystem to be copied directly onto a pre-existing MicroSD card that previously contained another OS. Modules for the 3.4.104+ linux-sunxi A20 kernel were then copied over, and the shadow file edited in advance to add in a root password.

After that, it basically worked: an emergency prompt came up, and some investigation with systemctl showed that /etc/fstab needed to be edited (to change the root filesystem UUIDs, and remove boot and swap partitions). The video shows the serial console with "Fedora 24" and a root login, and has Firefox up and running with networking (USB-ETH) configured.

The next experiment will be to try a more recent version of the linux kernel and u-boot, as it turns out that these may actually work. Access to NAND will not be possible but booting directly from MicroSD will be perfectly fine.

Contact us if you have any suggestions for names to use for the Fedora Computer Card.

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