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Aug 04, 2016

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Free Talk Live

by Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton

We’ve just done a show on Free Talk Live here in Keene, NH, here’s the video from the studio

Thinkpenguin have moved down to Keene, NH, where the Free State Project is well-known. There’s a strong libertarian movement here, and Mike and Ian run a live radio show. They don’t normally do interviews on the show, but the reason why the exception was made here is because of the strong and clear ethical commitment to privacy and respect for people’s freedom that’s an inherent part of the EOMA68 concept, which is a really important aspect of their show. You might not understand what free software is, you might not even really understand what freedom really is, but take them away and you damn well know when they’re gone. The EOMA68 project is therefore a wake-up call disguised as a way to save you money. Incidentally we’ll give you back control over your own computers.

So if you’d like us to get to the point where we can make a difference not just for you but for a lot more people across the world, help back this project. We have 23 days to go.

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