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Jul 27, 2016

Project update 18 of 75

More OS Options!

by Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton

We’re adding two new OSs to the pre-installed option: Devuan and Fedora 24. These are now available (look right and scroll down), and we will be evaluating more OSs, including in particular SUGAR and FreeBSD.

We had some name suggestions for the Computer Cards with these OSs installed, such as "Hoedenplank" which comes from Dutch - actual translation "parcel shelf," literal translation "hat plank," Fedora being a hat theme, and the computer card being thin enough to be a "shelf." We also had "Humble Purple," "Devot Moine" (devomuan), and Devuarm as suggestions for the Devuan card. We settled on "Numero Uno" for Devuan and "Getting Ahead" for Fedora 24, as these carry on the theme that was started with the first two Computer Cards.

Also, we have been asked to evaluate the FreedomBox OS, SUGAR (from OLPC), the linux-libre kernel from jxself.org, FreeBSD, and GuixSD, so it looks like we will be extremely busy over the next couple of weeks. SUGAR will be particularly fascinating as it was learned recently that the original XO-1 is still in use as it has thousands of downloads per day. The battery life of the XO-1 was in no way intended to have a ten year lifespan so the project can be said to be a massive success if there are children still using it. Also fascinating and inspiring to learn is that some of the children are now leading development teams, teaching others about software development.

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