An open source, Arduino-compatible RF signal generator with Wi-Fi connectivity

Jan 31, 2018

Project update 19 of 27

Assembly of PCBs Done

Assembly Done, Milling in Progress.

We did the assembly of all the units. As for the milling of the cases, we did a run of 10 units at first. The rest will be manufactured in a couple of weeks.

Web GUI Enhancements

We did some enhancements to the web GUI. It now loads faster.

What is Next?

We are getting close to delivery. We still must do the following:

The remaining work will take several more weeks. We underestimated the CNC work required. That is why CNC milling will determine the exact delivery date.

A sample of the assembled ERASynths
A sample of the ERASynth cases
ERASynth web GUI v1.1.0

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