An open source, Arduino-compatible RF signal generator with Wi-Fi connectivity

Apr 19, 2019

Project update 25 of 27

New features and improvements

We’ve fixed some bugs in ERASynth’s firmware thanks to our backers. Also we’ve added a number of new features that makes users get more from the device such as "Low Phase Noise Mode".

ERASynth is a live project that is always being developed and improved as seen on the following figure:

Timeline of the improvements in ERASynth.

We have more features to add and we are going to release those updates as soon as possible. First, we will release the new firmware on our development branch page. After some tests we will merge with the master branch. We recommend you to check the latest releases on our GitHub page and keep your device up to date. While updating your ERASynth, our ERASynth Firmware Update video and Update Instructions document can be helpful.

The ERA Team

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