An open source, Arduino-compatible RF signal generator with Wi-Fi connectivity

May 10, 2017

Project update 1 of 27

Web GUI Demo Video

First of all, we would like to thank to all of you who have supported the campaign thus far. Please continue to help us by spreading the word. We really want to take this project to production. So, please support us now if you haven’t done so yet :-)

Quick demo of the web GUI

ERASynth’s web GUI is almost complete, our Web UI engineer has been very busy lately. We had some problems with the WLAN module ESP8266. For some reason, the server on ESP8266 was too slow with some of the browsers. It was very fast on IE/Edge and very slow on Firefox and Chrome. Similar issues have been observed by other users of ESP8266 in the open source community. We had to debug this issue for a long time, now the web GUI is incredibly fast as you will see in the demo video below.

Controlling the ERASynth with web GUI like an app.

Frequency and amplitude screen on Android
Frequency and amplitude screen on iPhone
Main menu screen on Android
Main menu screen on iPhone
Sweep menu screen on Android
Sweep menu screen on iPhone

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