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Jul 07, 2021

Project update 4 of 10

New feature: EyeCloudAI CDK can now see in the dark

by Johanna S

Bonus! Expand your AI application to night vision with a free IR LED board

As a startup, we are always thinking of innovative, niche products that cater to users’ requirements. Today’s surprise is that we are offering a free IR LED board for all backers of the EyeCloudAI CDK. Now you can create night vision AI applications and imagine even more cool products!

Why an IR LED?

For activities that happen at night, for example, long-distance car/truck journeys taking more than one day, 24-hour yard/workplace security, AI vision applications with normal AI cameras won’t work in the dark. In such scenarios, an IR LED is commonly used. An IR LED operates at particular wavelengths (850mm in the below demo video), which will allow the camera to capture images in very low light situations without effecting the ambient light.

What is an IR LED Board?

An IR LED board has two basic components: the light sensor and the IR LED. When the ambient light is low enough, the light sensor will trigger the IR LED on, projecting a wavelength of light that the sensor can detect and send to the EyeCloudAI CDK.

IR LED Prototype with EyeCloudAI CDK

Demo time

As is our regular practice, here’s this week’s demo:

Bonus challenge

Many AI models are trained with datasets captured by visible light cameras, while video streaming captured in night vision with IR LED is special black&white. So to improve the performance of AI cameras working in night vision, training AI models with IR datasets is kind of necessary. Any ideas? Welcome to discuss it with us!

If you are interested in applying EyeCloudAI CDK in night vision, please back us!

See you next update! Bye for now!

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