EyeCloudAI CDK

An open edge-AI camera kit compatible with OpenVINO and based on the Intel Myriad X

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Jun 16, 2021

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Our Crowdfunding Campaign Is Now Live!

by Johanna S

At long last, we are thrilled to introduce EyeCloudAI CDK. For those of you who’ve been waiting weeks for this, thank you for your patience. And for everybody else, welcome! We invite you to come say hello to our line of modular computer-vision cameras and the core machine-learning board that makes them clever. EyeCloudAI CDK has what your next computer-vision project needs to succeed.

EyeCloudAI CDK is an open-source edge-AI camera development (CDK) kit for applications where privacy, real-time performance, reliability, and flexibility are paramount. It makes developing and deploying custom edge-AI camera solutions easy. We’ve taken care of the AI optimization, sensor tuning, optics, tooling, and supply-chain management so you can focus on your application.

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