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Oct 28, 2019

Project update 3 of 5

Ending Soon, TamaGo, Certifications, and Manufacturing

by Andrea Barisani

Dear USB armory users,

A big thank you once more for following the USB armory Mk II project. There are only a few more days left in the campaign, so now is the time to get your orders in!

FCC/CE & Manufacturing

We are excited to announce that the major milestone of completing all tests required for FCC/CE certifications have been successfully completed! We are now very close to start the manufacturing process.

We have also published the Bill of materials (BOM) for the USB armory Mk II at the following URL:

This nice visualization is provided by the awesome InteractiveHtmlBom plugin for KiCad, and allows you to see the placement, role, and part number for all USB armory Mk II components.

Full schematics and PCB layout will be published once shortly after orders are filled.


We are also so excited to announce our new TamaGo project, a framework that brings bare metal Go for ARM SoCs. This project allows, with minimal adaptation to upstream Go, execution of 100% Go applications on the USB armory.

TamaGo will empower us, as well as you, to create secure firmware applications for the USB armory, without the burden of carrying over a full blown OS, which is desirable for certain security applications.

Check it out at

This is only one of many projects we envision for the USB armory Mk II!


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