USB armory Mk II

by F-Secure Foundry

A tiny, open source USB computer for security applications

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Shipping Has Started

An update from the warehouse! After working through a year-end backlog, the warehouse is finally shipping USB armory Mk II. Imaged microSD cards and Debug Boards soon to follow.

USB armory Mk II Status

The first batch of Mk II armories was successfully manufactured, tested, and shipped to Crowd Supply’s warehouse at the end of December and have finally made it through backlog to start shipping. The first orders shipped today with many more to ship in the coming days. You will receive a shipping confirmation email from Crowd Supply when your order has shipped.

Imaged microSD Cards

Several hundred imaged 32 GB microSD cards are currently on a truck to the warehouse and will start shipping once they’ve been received into the warehouse. These cards will ship with the armories they were ordered with.

Debug Boards

The Debug Boards are a few weeks behind schedule. Testing the first batch will start next week and, assuming that goes as well as expected, they should be shipped to backers by the end of the first week in February. The boards will ship with the armories they were ordered with.

Last-minute Address Changes

If you need to change your shipping address, now is the time to do it!

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Product Choices


USB armory Mk II w/ Enclosure

A tiny, open source USB computer in an injection-molded enclosure.


Mk II Debug Board

This board breaks out Mk II UART, SPI, I²C, and GPIO connections to/from its application processor.


32 GB microSD Card w/ Debian Image

A 32 GB microSD card pre-imaged with Debian. USB armory Mk II has a built-in flash, which is unprovisioned by default, so a microSD is not strictly necessary for booting an OS.


F-Secure Foundry

F-Secure Foundry combines decades of experience in hardware, firmware, and software security testing with mission-critical security engineering. Led by the F-Secure Hardware Security team, founded as Inverse Path in 2005, we provide industry-leading services to secure hardware ranging from consumer electronics to safety-critical industrial systems. With a vast breadth of experience in security design, testing and engineering, we are trusted by companies across the globe to assess as well as build from the ground up all kind of products and processes.

Andrea Barisani

Andrej Rosano

Daniele Bianco


Enclosure design partner & manufacturer

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