A Fold Up Eating Set

A product family that's stronger, lighter and 20 times smaller than any other? Here's the story.

Apr 16, 2015

Project update 2 of 2

Production Update

by Oscar F

Hi guys!

Just an update, your Eating Sets are due to come out of the press by early next week and sent on to the printers for branding and packaging shortly after that. Not long now! Also, for those of you who have been charged shipping in New Zealand, Australia and the US will be refunded as soon as possible. We deeply apologise for this, please let us know if you have any questions or problems regarding the issue, we would be happy to help. Our little business is growing! We will be releasing takeaway containers available on Crowd Supply within the coming weeks, so keep an eye out. They will be available in two sizes and in multiple packs, allowing you to reuse and recycle them for all your takeaway needs. No more collecting those see-through disposables anymore! We like that.

Again, we are deeply appreciative of your early support, thank you so so much. You guys really have made all of this happen.

The Fold Project Team

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