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Mar 01, 2018

OpticSpy is Now Funding

The OpticSpy campaign is now live!

Here’s a short video demo of the original motivation behind creating the OpticSpy. I had been looking into different types of covert channels and the method of using an LED to send data really appealed to me. There’s some great prior art in this area (see the Inspiration section of the campaign page), but descriptions of how a user could build their own receivers were lacking. Hence my experiments.

Feel free to share this project with anyone you know who might enjoy learning about optoelectronics, optical data transmissions, and/or covert channels. Thanks!

$13,310 raised

of $4,900 goal

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Mar 31

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Get your hands on a single OpticSpy unit and dive into the world of optical communications interfaces.


OpticSpy + Tomu Bundle

This bundle gives you an OpticSpy and Tomu, a tiny ARM microprocessor which fits in your USB port. With this combination of receiver and transmitter, you can easily set up your own optical interface between two computers.

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