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Jul 02, 2024

Project update 27 of 27

Cynthion is at Mouser

by Straithe

An 885 lb / 401.43 kg shipment of thousands of Cynthions has been received by Mouser (who will fulfill Cynthion orders for Crowd Supply)! We expect the Cynthions to start shipping to backers around the 5th of July. You will receive a notice when your Cynthion has shipped.

While you wait for your shipping notice and for your device to arrive, take a moment to read the Cynthion documentation. Cynthion does not ship with USB cables, so take a look at the connection diagrams in this documentation for different use cases and make sure you have all the cables you will need.

As you receive your Cynthions we would love to see your first pictures with your device! Please tag Great Scott Gadgets on X, Mastodon, Instagram, or post in the #show-your-gsg channel in our Discord.

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