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Jun 30, 2023

Project update 19 of 25

Updated Cynthion Enclosure

by Straithe

About a year ago, we announced an FPGA substitution on the Cynthion project due to supply chain issues. Since then, the Great Scott Gadgets team has redesigned and enlarged the Cynthion board to accommodate the larger FPGA, and Timon has adapted the enclosure to fit the larger board.

The updated Cynthion enclosure measures 60 mm (2.36 inches) in width, 72 mm (2.83 inches) in length, and 15 mm (.59 inches) in height. The weight of the enclosure with a Cynthion inside and all hardware, comes to 99.5 grams. In comparison to the previous enclosure, the new one is 8 mm wider, 7 mm longer, 1 mm taller, and 3.5 grams lighter due to extra milling for Pmod connectors and other small changes.

Once I received the 3D model files from Timon, I got to work designing the final graphics for the Cynthion enclosure, which are shown in the image below.

Cynthion Enclosure Technical Drawing

In this image, the black lines are the edges of the enclosure, connector holes, and hardware holes. The blue text and images are the graphics and labels that will be etched into the case. Once etched, these graphics will appear white-grey in colour. A rendering of the case is below:

Cynthion Enclosure Render

The differences from our early enclosure design include a complete change in graphics on the top of the case, moving the port labels to the edges, adding labels for the Pmods, and a debossed (not etched!) Great Scott Gadgets logo on the back.

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