Reactor for iPhone 5

by Gridcase

An iPhone 5 case with a built-in crank generator for battery charging.


  • Louis D

    portland , AL

  • Michael S

    Portland, OR

  • Darren A

  • Vinit K

    Robbinsville, NJ

  • Nicholas T

    Orem, UT

  • Trent N

    Portland, OR

  • Jeremy A

    Jamaica Plain, MA

  • Brian N


  • Jeffrey G

  • Greg Z

    miami beach, FL

  • David F

    vancouver, Canada

  • Louis D

    portland, OR

  • Steven K

    Alameda, CA

  • Vincent L

    portland, OR

  • Michael K

    Portland, OR

  • Jennifer G

    San Jose, CA

  • Seth F

    Portland, OR

  • Marissa D

  • David L

    London, Canada

  • Dan W

    New York, NY

  • Jason S

    San Diego, CA

  • Ashley W

    San Francisco, CA

  • Nitin K

  • Jim C

    Portland, OR

  • Terry M

    Portland, OR

  • Louis D

    portland, OR

  • Gretchen M

    Portland, OR

  • Peter C

  • Andy M

    Ogden, UT

  • Jeff P

    Vancouver, WA

$75,763 raised

of $350,000 goal

22% Funded Campaign Suspended
May 03 2013



Based in Portland, OR. Gridcase is the developer of the patent-pending Reactor for iPhone, a smartphone case with an integrated generator.

Mathew Laibowitz

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