Giant Board

A single-board computer in the Adafruit Feather form factor

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Feb 03, 2020

Project update 12 of 13

Crowdfunding Orders Now Shipping

If you backed the campaign and have not yet received your Giant Board or Wi-Fi FeatherWing bundle, you can expect it to arrive soon! Pre-orders and stock purchases should be on their way within the next few weeks.

PCB Misprint

Some of you may already have noticed that, due to an unfortunate design file mix-up, the Version 1.0 boards have the same Beta Edition and v0.9.2 markings as the beta boards. Rest assured, we did not find any issues with the beta boards. (In the end, that updated silkscreen file was going to be the only difference between the v0.9.2 design files and those for the v1.0 revision.) Cosmetic though it may be, we apologize for the error.

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