Giant Board

A single-board computer in the Adafruit Feather form factor

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Jun 23, 2019

Project update 1 of 13

Our Campaign is Live!

After many hours of development and a long wait, we are super excited to announce that our crowdfunding campaign is now live on Crowd Supply! We look forward to seeing these boards in the hands of backers and in the projects they create.

The Giant Board is an Open Source, Linux-capable single board computer (SBC) that is compatible with Adafruit’s FeatherWing ecosystem. Linux drivers provide direct support for the Ethernet and LCD FeatherWings, which can be enabled simply by editing a text file. The Giant Board also ships with over 100 CircuitPython libraries and works out of the box with many popular FeatherWings, thanks to Adafruit’s CircuitPython sample code.

Thank you for your support!

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