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Jun 13, 2018

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A Closer Look at What’s Included

The Circumference 100 packs a great deal into a surprisingly small space. And with the lack of cable clutter and its simple, smart design, it’s easy to forget what’s contained within. With this in mind we thought we’d take a closer look at precisely what is included with the C100, and also the C25.

Above you can see a photo of the parts that, when assembled together with an UDOO x86, Pi boards, and PSU, make up the Circumference 100. Starting bottom-left we have one of the doors, and above this, the 2020 aluminium extrusion and fittings that make up the chassis. Above this we have the dual-gigabit Ethernet adapter that gives the UDOO x86 3x gigE ports in total. To the right we have black stainless button head machine screws and then four 8-way custom backplanes.

Top-centre we can see the walnut veneer enclosure front with transparent grey Perspex window, and below this the custom front panel PCBA with 8x matrix displays and 32x individual LEDs. Beneath these are the laser cut Perspex panels. Moving across to the right we have 10x 5-port gigabit Ethernet switches and below these, the always-on fan plus guard, USB hub, cables and connectors.

Further right are the M2.5 black nylon hex spacers for the Raspberry Pi stacks and beneath these the 4x software-controlled fans. Lower down more guards, cabling and 50x short RJ45 cables.

The Circumference 25 parts can be seen above and are obviously quite a bit simpler, but once again it is surprising what it manages to pack into a reasonably small space!

Andrew and the Circumference Team

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