Hackboard 2

A powerful & affordable Windows 10 Pro SBC with optional 4G or 5G connectivity

Jul 09, 2021

Project update 8 of 30

Memory & Storage Upgrades Now Available!

by Jon Prove

Dear Crowd Supply backers,

We hope you’re all getting excited for the delivery of Hackboard 2! We have more details on the LAN sourcing issue and storage and memory upgrade options discussed in our previous update. Most importantly, we’re still on track to finish production in August and start shipping to you shortly after.

Order Changes Due by July 16, 2021

This is it! We’re about to lock all orders for production. If you need to make any changes to the items you ordered, you must make them by 11:59 PM PDT on Friday, July 16, 2021. Read on for some exciting upgrade options and make your changes now!

Replacing LAN with USB C Port

Since all suitable LAN components continue to suffer from extremely long lead times, we’ve decided to replace the LAN with a USB C port. This will offer greater expansion and peripheral options. In addition, we’re exploring the possibility of the USB C port also being used to power Hackboard 2 without needing to plug in the barrel connector - we’ll confirm this as soon as we know for sure. After we finish the first Hackboard 2 production run, we will look into USB LAN adapter options to make available for sale separately. If you backed the project specifically for the LAN capability, or you are allergic to USB C, you may contact Crowd Supply support by Friday, July 16th to request an order cancellation.

Up to 512 GB Storage Options Now Available

As promised in our last update, there are now 128 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB upgrade options. If you do nothing, you’ll get the standard 64 GB storage option. If you want to upgrade, contact Crowd Supply support by Friday, July 16th.

Storage CapacityUpgrade Price
64 GB (default)+$0
128 GB+$10
256 GB+$25
512 GB+$50

Double RAM Option Now Available

By popular demand, we’re offering an 8 GB memory option. If you do nothing, you’ll get the standard 4 GB memory option. If you want to upgrade, contact Crowd Supply support by Friday, July 16th.

Memory CapacityUpgrade Price
4 GB (default)+$0
8 GB+$35

Thanks for all your great feedback, patience, and support. We’re nearly there and couldn’t have made it this far without you!

The Hackboard Team

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