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Mar 15, 2023

Project update 24 of 30

Production is Underway!

by Jon Prove

Dear CS Backers,

We hope you had a Happy Pi Day yesterday! We’re nearly at the finish line and I want to give you all an update on what’s been going on and how we are looking.

Production is well on the way and nearly completed. The next step is flashing the BIOS and we have a meeting with Microsoft this week to finalize a couple items. Our packaging has been printed (see pics), the FCC approval has been granted and we’re close to getting the CE and RoHS certifications.

PSU Supplier Change and Shipping Schedule

Our last little hiccup is that we had to change our PSU supplier. The order has been placed and we are just waiting for those to be delivered. They said it would be about 3-4 weeks. Once those arrive, we can start packing the units and get to shipping.

I did want to let you know that we will be shipping the boards and cases first. We’re going to be a little delayed on the kits but expect to ship those within about a month from when the boards and cases ship.

I expect that we should be able to ship the boards and cases to Crowd Supply by the end of April. We’re super excited to have come so far and we are very grateful for your patience throughout this entire process. It has definitely been a long and difficult 3-year journey but we’ve learned a lot and have managed to push through all of the obstacles, but we couldn’t have done it without your support.

Production Videos

Here’s a couple short videos of production if you’re interested:

I’ll follow-up again in a few weeks when we are able to start packing to give you all a better idea of when the shipping will begin. If we can bring anything forward, we will.


The Hackboard Team

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