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Oct 11, 2022

Project update 21 of 30

PVT Completed and Remaining Board Testing in Progress

by Jon Prove

Dear Backers,

We’ve completed the PVT over the Chinese holiday. Setting up the line and completing the programming for the pick and place and the AOI took 3 days and went as planned, so we now have PVT samples.

The factory re-opened on Thursday Oct 5th, and we are now in the process of completing continuity board testing (that’s checking for shorts and non-circuit contacts. We probably have over 5K points to check including the BGA mountings on the chips)

Then we will start to load (flash) the existing BIOS. This will be done next week.

OS – MS WIN10 and Linux will be loaded and then tested.

We estimate about 2 weeks to compete testing, I understand the BIOS needs a correction for the Wi-Fi and I don’t have a full timescale for that at present.

Samples will be given to the test house, and I will ask them to start formal CE and FCC testing duration approx. 4 weeks – we will get FCC number in advance to place on the outer packaging and to label the PCB with.

Once the board is approved, we will commence production.

We will continue to share additional updates and pictures as we progress through the process.

Thank you!

The Hackboard Team

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