Hackboard 2

A powerful & affordable Windows 10 Pro SBC with optional 4G or 5G connectivity

May 31, 2022

Project update 17 of 30

PVT Schedule and Lead Times

by Jon Prove

Dear backers,

We’re getting closer to starting production. We are currently on track to start the production validation test (PVT) within the next six to eight weeks. Additionally, we have a couple of lead times that we are working to shorten so we can ship once production begins. At present, the lead time for the power supply units (PSUs) is approximately eight to ten weeks. This should be the final hurdle we will need to overcome prior to shipping to Crowd Supply. Wherever possible, we are looking to shorten these lead times, but for now we’re sharing what we have to work with.

I want to thank everyone for being patient throughout this process. Shipping cannot come quickly enough for us either. Please know that we are working hard to manufacture and ship Hackboard 2 as fast as possible. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us anytime.

The Hackboard Team

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