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Mar 18, 2021

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Temperature Tests

by Jon Prove

Hey, Crowd Supply! Apologies for the delay in updates. Two members got caught up in that horrible snowstorm and the power outages that shut down Texas a few weeks ago. Meanwhile, the folks in China have been on a break to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Hackboard 2 Temperature Tests with N3350 Chipset

We did some testing on Hackboard 2 to evaluate operation with a heat sink and the enclosure, with some terrific results. The configuration for all tests was:

Time Since Power UpCPU UsageMemory UsageGPU UsageNo HeatsinkHeatsink InstalledMetal Case
0 mins0%0%0%23.6°C23.6°C23.6°C
30 mins100%71%50-60%65.3°C46.2°C38.7°C
60 mins100%68%50-60%65.0°C46.6°C39.8°C
90 mins70%68%50-60%66.8°C47.2°C39.6°C
120 mins60-70%68%50-60%65.3°C46.7°C39.7°C

As you can see, for a 6 W chip (same as the N4020) with the enclosure the temperature doesn’t exceed that of your friendly household cat (Mike’s comparison). We’ve added some pictures of the testing process for your viewing pleasure as well.

In related news, we’re considering producing the cases as 100% metal, which would be a nice upgrade. Initial tests have shown that the metal case doesn’t impede the Wi-Fi or 4G/5G signals, which is promising.

Thanks again for your continued support through this journey. We’re excited to get the units in your hands and to get your feedback. Please reach out and say hi anytime. We love hearing from you all and take your input and feedback seriously as we prepare to do our initial builds. Thanks!

The Hackboard Team

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